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Skill Builders


The Houston Dynamo Academy Skill Builders Program is a program we have created to give our players the tools to become much more CONFIDENT, COMPETENT, and CREATIVE players with the ball at their feet. Building a strong relationship with the ball is the first step in becoming a quality soccer player. Players who possess a strong technical foundation have the potential to reach the highest levels in soccer. No matter your age or current level of play, we believe that you can always work to develop your technical skills. By taking advantage of the Skill Builders Program, you can maximize your potential and become the best player you can be.  You have the opportunity to live by our motto and KEEP DEVELOPING.

The Skill Builders program is something we work on internally with our Academy players, but it is important to us that we share all of this with the community. MORE is MORE. The more people we have participating in the program at home, the more we develop as individuals, as a Houston community, and as a soccer nation.

To see all the monthly Skill Builder videos and skills to master, go to our YouTube page

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Get to Know Academy Skills Coach Tanner Chassman

Tanner Chassman

Tanner Chassman

Skills Development Coach

Overview of the Program

The Skill Builders Card

Every month, we will post a downloadable PDF document of the Skill Builders Card that we give out to our Academy players. On the front side of the card, is a blank calendar, and on the back side are the Skills of the Month. If a player practices the Skills of the Month for at least 30 minutes on the day, the player must get a parent/guardian to initial the day in which they practiced. The goal is for every player to practice at least 15 days out of the month. Practice must be done at home or outside of traditional structured soccer training. We want our players to put their development in their hands by putting in the extra work it takes to become a strong technical player.  

The Skill Builders Tutorial Videos

For every Skill Builders Card, we have created Skill Tutorial Videos that have been posted on our Houston Dynamo Academy YouTube Channel. Each month, we will come out with 4 videos that cover each skill category: Ball Mastery, Dribbles, Turns, and Extra Skills. Every skill has its own unique name and specific technique for how to execute it correctly. Watch the videos then go out and practice the skills on your own. Some skills will be harder than others to learn. We encourage players to challenge themselves and keep stretching their ability to maximize their potential.

To see all the monthly Skill Builder videos and skills to master, go to our YouTube page

The Skills of the Month

We will come out with a set of new skills to practice every month.   If you are new to the program, feel free to start at the month of October as the skills become increasingly challenging. The skills of the month fall under 4 different categories: BALL MASTERY, DRIBBLES, TURNS, and EXTRA SKILLS