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May 2022 

In May's Coaches Collaborative we had the pleasure to have Yael Averbuch West join us.  Yael spoke on her journey growing up in the game and share many of the wonderful lessons that soccer has taught her along the way  through every level of the game,  including how soccer is a lifestyle even from the very special early years.

Yael Averbuch West is a long-time professional player and member of the US Women’s National Teams.   She is also the founder of Techne Futbol,  a special skills program that stems from her vision of supporting young players in their own personal journey and development.

February 2022
In February's Coaches Collaborative we were joined by Lee Hancock a High Performance Consultant for professional athletes, coaches at all levels, students, parents and organizations. Lee is a Sport Psychologist, but could best described as a Teacher. Lee’s primary message in his discussion for Partners in Development and in his latest book, Talent Zones - 10 Tips to Help Kids Develop Their Talents, is that we—as educators, coaches, and other invested adults—have the opportunity and the responsibility to help kids build, strengthen, and explore their innate talents, keeping an open mind as it relates to talent in children and offer up research based practical solutions and ideas on how we can help develop talent in kids.

January 2022
In January's Coaches Collaborative we were joined by coach Joan Oliva is a native of Barcelona, Spain who currently serves as the Technical Director for Lafayette Dynamo Juniors and Head Coach of Louisiana TDP U15’s of MLS Next, spoke to us on the concepts of Rondos and Positional Games as a tool for youth development.  Joan previously served as the Youth Coach at FC Barcelona before moving onto head coaching duties with CD Primeiro d’Agosto and Domant of the Angolan First Division. Oliva, who holds a UEFA PRO License, the highest European license attainable.

Nov. 2021                                                                               

In November’s Coaches Collaborative, Kevin McGreskin, author of Develop Game Awareness presented on scanning and game awareness through innovative training practices that can help your players take in information quicker, create a picture of what's around them, and create an essential habit that can greatly enhance their decision-making skills. Kevin, who has devoted many years developing methods and exercises that can be easily added into normal training sessions to increase scanning effectiveness, shared key concepts, video examples and opened discussion with over 200 youth coaches on the subject of scanning in youth development.

Oct. 2021

In October’s Coaches Collaborative, we are excited to spend some time with Jonathan Harding,  author of Mensch- Beyond the Cones.    shared many insights into the the attributes that modern German coaching embraces to succeed, from Germany Football-Lehrer coaching school to the practical aspects on the training ground, to the collective strength of the coaching community. 

Harding also spoke of the very important human element of coaching: “Part of all sport is that these are just people, whether they’re coaches, players, members of staff – everybody in the game needs to be viewed and remembered as humans and I think that’s something I was really keen to put across.”

Recent:  Sept. 2021

In August's Coaches Collaborative, Adin Osmanbasic, Houston Dynamo FC Academy U17 Head Coach game a very interesting presentation on the origin and history of positional play,  including concepts such as Positional, Numerical, Qualitative and Dynamic Superiorities, all optimized their Positional Play.

Recent: June, 2021

In June's Coaches Collaborative,  Felix Lehmann joined us from Cogni-Goals, which is based on Matthias Nowak’s work with world-renowned cognitive scientists Thomas Schack and Torbjörn Vestberg.   Felix shared insight on the unique and highly effective “Deep Learning” cognitive training methods, that have been proven to train the executive functions of the brains of our players through extremely challenging, but highly effective movement tasks, utilizing tricky, constantly-changing patterns. 

May, 2021

In May's Coaches Collaborative,  we were honored to have Michel Bruyninckx join us to speak about Brain-Centered Training in Football.  Michel's research, specialization and experience in the field have allowed him to devise the CogiTraining method as well as the practice of SenseBall, a training method that combines football training with neurological exercises to enhance an athlete's cognitive development and improve football skills. 

Michel Bruyninckx refined his method in collaboration with the Royal Belgian Football Association and the Catholic University of Louvain over an 11 year period between 2000 and 2011 and is now considered as the “mind guru” by some people credited with the development of Belgium’s current crop of world stars.

April, 2021

In April's Coaches Collaborative we were excited to have spent time with Dadi Rafnsson who shared with lessons in development from the case of Iceland. Dadi is the head of football development at HK, a premier league club in Iceland, former head of youth at Breidablik, Iceland's most prolific development club, former assistant coach at Jiangsu Suning women's professional team in China and has been teaching for the Icelandic FA's education department for several years. He is also a PhD student and lecturer at Reykjavik University and program director at the MK Academy dual career program. Dadi lived and studied in the USA for five years.

How did Iceland with a population of 350.000 people manage to qualify regularly for major tournaments at men's and women's level? How does the development system work? Why does coach education matter? How did Iceland's youth go from being one of the worst in substance abuse in Europe in 1998 to being one of the best through an emphasis on sports? 

March, 2021 

In March's Coaches Collaborative we were honored to have Doug Lemov, as our special guest. Doug is the author of international bestseller 'Teach Like a Champion' and one of our nation’s most respected ‘teacher of teachers.’ Doug’s professional life since 2005 has been dedicated to observing, studying, documenting, writing and sharing insights about this most important of societal roles, being a teacher, with a specific focus on sharing simple and powerful strategies that great teachers have that may set them apart from the rest. Doug believes great teachers are made, not born – and his ideas are transforming education. Besides being a great educator, Doug also happens to be a fantastic and knowledgeable soccer person! Doug has worked extensively with the US Soccer Federation as a keynote presenter on various courses.   Doug’s most recent book,  'The Coaches Guide to Teaching'  brings his considerable wealth of knowledge about the science of classroom teaching to the sports coaching world, to help create championship caliber coaches on the court and field.

February, 2021

In February's Coaches Collaborative we were honored to have Rene Meulensteen as our special guest.  Rene spent the early parts of his career working in the Netherlands before taking up managerial roles with the Qatari youth teams, before moving to Manchester United for over 12 years, coaching and leading in various roles in the Academy and also with the First Team as Technical Coach and Assistant Coach to Sir Alex Ferguson.  Throughout this diverse and expansive  coaching experiences (N.E.C, Al-Ittihad, Brondy, Fulham, Maccabi Haifa) both with young players in the Academy setting, and with many of the top players in world, like Cristiano Ronaldo, Rene’s level of developmental insights and methods are respected around the world.

January, 2021

In January's Coaches Collaborative we were honored to have Keith Tozer join us as our special guest.  Keith is one of the preeminent experts in the growth and development of Futsal in our country.  This was a fascinating talk with Keith as we asked him to share on his background in Futsal,  how Futsal is used in countries like Brazil and Spain. Futsal is one of the best developmental games for young players because of the need for both control and skill in tight areas, and the smaller field size and numbers ensures a game is fast-paced, intense, with many opportunities for dribbling, combinations, and goal scoring. 

December, 2020

In December's Coaches Collaborative we were honored to have Zeb Jacobs join us as our special guest.  A young coach of only 25 years old,  but with with a wealth of enthusiasm and ideas to develop young players. Zeb shared with us some of the concepts and principles that are being applied and practiced at the Academy of Royal Antwerp,  including the process of unlocking potential in the youth,  and the concepts of guided defending in designing exercises that promote talent and skill development. 

October, 2020

In October's Coaches Collaborative we were honored to have Romeo Jozak join us as our special guest.  A developer respected around the world for his work and leadership with the Croatian Football Federation and as the Sporting Director of Dinamo Zagreb one of the most prolific academies in Europe in developing top talents.  Romeo shared with us many insights, including the culture of Croatia- specifically as it related to it's youth structure, entry levels, and key developmental principles and methodology.

September, 2020

In September's Coaches Collaborative we had the special privilege to have Todd Beane, founder of TOVO join us. In TOVO Training, Beane has combined proven pedagogical practices of experts in the field of education with the visionary components of a total football legend into a dynamic and practical training methodology.  Beane worked with Johan Cruyff for 14 years to create the Cruyff Institute for Sport Studies and to deliver total football training programs to professional clubs worldwide.  Todd's recent book "Clear Coaching: Harness Clarity to Drive Development" is must read for any youth coach.

August, 2020    

In August's The Coaches Collaborative special guest Tanner Chassman, Skills Development Coach for the Houston Dynamo  FC Academy,  took us through a deep dive into the many facets and qualities of technique, while also sharing his projects during the Covid-19 times to inspire young players to continue to technically develop while  at home. Tanner's growing expertise in developing and inspiring skillful young players will be a great start to the topic of developing Technical Excellence.

July 2020 

In July's Coaches Collaborative the focus was on a very special  and interesting topic: Perception, and the importance of helping young players develop and improve their ability to see more of the game around them.  We had a fantastic presentation by Hiro Suzuki, Director of Formation, Houston Dynamo FC Academy, who took us on a deep dive into this theme and which included some of the practical methods being used in the Houston Dynamo Academy to improve the skills surveillance- the gathering of information, while on the field.

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Dec. 2020- Coaches Collaborative - Zeb Jacobs - Royal Antwerp