Partners in Development - A Program Overview

The Partners in Development program is an inclusive and collaborative program for motivated youth development clubs,  youth coaches and those with a passion for soccer and learning together.  

One of the main objectives of the program is to help motivated clubs throughout Greater Houston, the State of Texas, and even from around the Country and World, come together in a consistent and positive way to share and learn together. The program has three main areas of focus: player, coach, and club development. There is special focus on the younger ages: before the entry-level Pre-Grassroots (ages 2-5) into the Grassroots (ages 5-8) and Foundation (ages 9-12) and Formation Phases (ages 13-15).

The Partners in Development is a program free of cost and is always open to any and all who love learning, sharing and cultivating a passion for youth development.

Paul Holocher, Houston Dynamo, Academy Director

The Coaches Collaborative- Join us!

Each month in the Partners in Development program we meet in the Coaches Collaborative.  The objective of the Coaches Collaborative is to provide a consistent platform to learn and grow together and to inspire each other through the sharing of insights and experiences.  Each month we take 'deeper dives' into youth development topics and also have special guests and experts from around the nation and the world!

Some recent topics of the "Deeper Dives":         

  • Engaging and educating Parents as partners in development!
  • The forward-thinking philosophy of Soccer Starts at Home!
  • The importance of Grassroots and Foundation Phase development.
  • Improving Individual Player development.
  • Game models for player development at young ages.
  • The study and development of Positional Play concepts. 
  • Methodology and Core Exercise Design.
  • Guided Defending Methods in developing skill in young players
  • Innovative programming for player development at younger ages.
  • The importance of developing Perceptive skills.
  • Developing your club's philosophy and methods of development.

To join into future Coaches Collaboratives, simply contact, Academy Director, Paul Holocher at

Coaches Collaboratives are happening through ZOOM!

“All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections.”                              

Arthur C. Aufderheide

Mon. Oct. 4th - Coaches Collaborative, Special Guest-Jonathan Harding

Mon. Oct. 4th- Coaches Collaborative - Special Guest-Jonathan Harding

Coaches Collaborative- Jonathan Harding- Monday, Oct. 4th

Topic: Partners in Development- Coaches Collaborative  

Special Guest: Jonathan Harding, 'Mensch- Beyond the Cones'
Date: Monday, Oct.  4th , 2021  

Time:  1pm Central Time (US and Canada)

There are many examples of countries, regions, cities, or clubs, that have become consistent producers of top soccer talents: ‘hot-spots’ for player and talent development.  Each is unique in their location, history, and socioeconomics, and each finds their own unique ‘culture of development.’  Each has become a hotbed of soccer development, based on their values, mentality, and actions.  

Germany is one such country.  Germany has a reputation for being one of the best places for young footballers of all nationalities to develop, but what about those in the dugout, the coaches and trainers?

In Mensch-Beyond the Cones,  writer and author, Jonathan Harding outlines the attributes, mentalities, and actions that mold German Football: from the DFB’s Fußball-Lehrer coaching school, to the practical aspects on the training ground, to the collective strength of the coaching community.  Harding tells the tale of some of the smartest and most progressive minds in the game. German-developed coaches are some of the most valued in European football but, if the nation’s production line of coaches, not to mention playing talent, is to continue in the same vein, then the human element cannot be overlooked. As Harding writes: “Part of all sport is that these are just people, whether they’re coaches, players, members of staff – everybody in the game needs to be viewed and remembered as humans and I think that’s something I was really keen to put across.”

Harding writes Mensch through the eyes of some of Germany’s most respected coaches, who have been part of the overhaul that saw a moribund German football team rise from its inauspicious performance at Euro 2000 to world champions in 2014. Some bold decisions in terms of player and coach development were made along the way and, following the team’s exit at the group stages of the 2018 World Cup, Harding argues that similarly affirmative action is needed once again.  This is sure to be a fantastic learning opportunity for any coach or educator, to learn about the culture of one of the world's great footballing nations.

Jonathan Harding can be found on twitter at @JonBloggs66 

As always, we encourage all our Partners in Development to share these Coaches Collaborative opportunities with their club’s motivated staff.  

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The Partners in Development is a Houston-based developmental program for all motivated youth clubs and coaches.  If you are a Youth Coach or Club Director with special interest in the Grassroots and Foundation ages, or simply an active 'Student of the Game'  who loves learning and would like to participate in any of our monthly Partners in Development programs, please click HERE or email to 



Training Invitationals - 2 v 2 Dribble Festivals - Join Us!

The objective of the Training Invitationals is to inspire and develop the motivated young player to new levels and to help our Greater Houston coaches develop together with practical and on the field programming.  Our special focus is on player development at the Grassroots (ages 5-8) and Foundation (ages 9-12) phases.   

These special once-per-month trainings take place at the Houston Sports Park (HSP)- the home of the Houston Dynamo, and occasionally at one of our Partners in Development own training locations. The Partners in Development 'Training Invitationals' have also included special guests,  including professional players from the Houston Dynamo, which brings extra inspiration for these young participating players.

For more information on how you can participate in upcoming 'Training Invitationals' please contact, Academy Director, Paul Holocher, at or by calling directly to 713-446-0087. 

Check out the video below of our recent Training Invitationals - the 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 Dribble Festivals!