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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Dynamo Academy?

A.  The Houston Dynamo Academy is a program that seeks to be a benchmark in professional player development by providing the necessary resources, experiences, and structure needed to reach the highest levels. The program's aim is to produce MLS and international standard players and young men of high character, who are capable of being successful both on and off the field.


Q. How are players identified for the Dynamo Academy?

A.  Players are identified in a number of ways.  For more info click here.

  • Talent Identification Nights- the Houston Dynamo Academy hosts several organized Talent ID nights throughout the calendar year in which players may attend to be evaluated for selection to the Academy.
  • Scout Identification- the Houston Dynamo Scouts and Tipsters watch for young players with motivation and talent throughout the Greater Houston, regionally and even nationally.
  • Personal Application- Motivated players can contact and apply to be evaluated for selection to the Dynamo Academy at any time.
  • Training Camps and Youth Program- Players that attend our Dynamo camps and training programs will be evaluated for selection into the Dynamo Academy.     


Q. How is the Dynamo Academy different than other teams in the area?

A.  The Houston Dynamo Academy is the official academy of the Houston Dynamo, sharing the same Training Complex, at Houston Sports Park, and working within a vertically integrated program that offers a high-level and direct pathway to the professional game. Our Academy players are closely monitored by first team staff and provided opportunities like:

  • Training with the First team.
  • Playing matches with RGVFC (USL Affiliate)
  • Evaluation by MLS First Team staff.
  • Highest level domestic competitions. (US Soccer Development Academy and Adidas MLS GA)
  • International youth tournament experiences.


Q. What teams does the Dynamo Academy have?

A.  Our Academy pathway is comprised of four (4) distinct and important Developmental Phases: Grassroots (U9 and below) Foundation Phase (U10, U11, U12), Formation Phase (U13, U14, U15), and the Pre-Professional Phase (U17, U19).          For more information click here.


Q. What leagues do the Dynamo teams play in?

A.  The Dynamo Academy plays in the highest leagues possible in each Phase, including local leagues and the US Soccer Development Academy. For more information click here.


Q. Is the Dynamo Academy free or do I have to pay?

A.  The Dynamo Academy is a fully funded program, while some of our younger teams have a small annual registration fee.


Q. Do the Dynamo Academy coaches speak Spanish?

A.  Some coaches have the ability to speak Spanish, however, training sessions are conducted in English.


Q. Where do the Dynamo Academy train?

A.  The Dynamo Academy trains at the Houston Sports Park home of the professional teams Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash, and Dynamo Academy.


Q. How often to the Dynamo Academy teams train?

A.  Foundation and Formation teams train four (4) days per week.  Pre-Professional teams train between 5-8 times per week.


Q. Can a Dynamo Academy player sign a professional contract with the Dynamo First Team?

A.  Yes. Houston Dynamo Academy players which demonstrate the qualities needed to sign with the First Team can sign a Home-Grown professional contract. One of the main objectives of the Dynamo Academy is to help identify and develop players for our First Team.


Q. Does participation in the Dynamo Academy mean I lose NCAA eligibility?

A.  No. All players in the Dynamo Academy retain NCAA eligibility while playing in the Academy.


Q. Will the Dynamo Academy staff help with my college recruitment?

A.  Yes. We have a wide network of college contacts from D1 to D3 to NAIA who are in contact and communication with regarding collegiate opportunities.  For more more information on our Academic Programming and College Placement click here